Q. Do you make money on the postcards?

A. No. We are a group of volunteers, not a business. The cost for the service covers the fees charged by the payment and mail services we use, as well as 14 cents per transaction for our server costs. We're obviously terrible business people. :-)

Q. Do you only support the Women's March?

A. No, that's just where we started. We're working on some other postcard formats now so you have some choices. In the end, it doesn't matter what the FRONT of the card says - it's what you put on the BACK of the card that makes the difference

Q. Are you willing to provide postcard support for any cause?

A. Not really. We have opinions about decency, inclusion and our planet. We never see what's written on the postcards so we are certainly not limiting your right to say whatever you want. But we won't support branded postcards for causes that are not in keeping with our shared values.